Our Process

At GSG Wealth Management our strength is building a clear and comprehensive financial plan WITH our clients.

In our financial planning, we do a deep and thoughtful analysis of our clients needs in the areas of retirement planning, investment, insurance, and estate planning. This gives our clients a clear picture of there current finances and how they can plan for the future. We have found that this focus on the fundamentals gives us the ability to create plans for our clients that help them thrive.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

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Wealth Management

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All investments carry some level of risk including the potential loss of all money invested. No investment strategy, including Tax-loss Harvesting, Diversification, Rebalancing, or Strategic Asset Allocation, can guarantee a profit or protect against loss. Financial Representatives do not render tax advice. Consult with a tax professional for tax advice that is specific to your situation.

Retirement Planning

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The primary purpose of permanent life insurance is to provide a death benefit. Using permanent life insurance accumulated value to supplement retirement income will reduce the death benefit and may affect other aspects of the policy.

Estate Planning

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Utilizing the cash value through policy loans, surrenders, or cash withdrawals will reduce the death benefit; and may necessitate greater outlay than anticipated and/or result in an unexpected taxable event.


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